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Archy is the best file manager for the cloud.
founders: Christian Almenar, Marc Cercos, Giuseppe Basile


August allows physical environments to respond seamlessly to user behavior.
founders: Jason Johnson, Yves Béhar


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Boatbound is the first and only fully insured "pier-to-pier" marketplace for boat rentals in the U.S.
More info: TechCrunch
founders: Aaron Hall, Matt Johnston


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Clothia is a fashion website and iPad app that enables users to mix 'n' match items to create outfits, browse trendsetters' virtual closets, and share style with friends.
More info: NY Times
founder: Elena Silenok


Malamma connects homeowners with people who manage their properties for them.
founders: Phil Soffer, Dean Browne, Mike Sample


Nuzzel is the super-easy way to see news from your friends.
More info: TechCrunch
founder: Jonathan Abrams


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Plaid is an API for spending data.
More info: TechCrunch
founders: William Hockey, Zach Perret

Prognosticant Visuals

Prognosticant Visuals builds intuitive and intelligent financial data visualization apps.
founder: Margit Pavlath Zwemer

Twitter Facebook streams live music, as it happens, from a variety of local venues to mobile devices.
founders: Gregory Miller, James Nash


Spigot provides publisher and advertiser solutions to downloadable software companies, increasing user engagement and monetization.
founders: Michael Levit


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Survata powers "surveywalls" for online publishers.
More info: TechCrunch
founder: Chris Kelly


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Zillabyte simulates the global economy by modeling attributes and relationships between companies.
More info: TechCrunch
founders: Jake Quist, Roger Dean Huffstetler



Afolio is a new online photo service that simplifies the way you organize and share your photos.
founder: She-Rae Chen

Amplify Health

Amplify Health is bringing transparency to the 99% of health care that occurs between visits.
founder: Eric Page


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AnyPerk offers great perks for employee retention.
More info: TechCrunch
founders: Taro Fox, Sunny Tsang, Atsuhiro Takahashi


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BetterDoctor is OpenTable for Doctors.
founders: Ari Tulla, Tapio Tolvanen, Jack Kokko

Bionic Panda Games

Bionic Panda creates mobile games for Android.
More info: TechCrunch
founders: Charles Hudson & Mike Jimenez


Bitdeli is a developer platform for real-time analytics.
founders: Ville Tuulos, Jyri Tuulos


BlueSprig creates utility apps, including AirCover, for a variety of platforms.
More info: TechCrunch
founders: Jason Johnson, Hugo Dong

Cake Health

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Cake Health makes it easy to understand and manage your health care.
More info: TechCrunch | TechCrunch
founder: Rebecca Woodcock

Twitter AngelList is Google Analytics for databases.
More info: TechCrunch
founders: Dave Fowler, David Beyer, Justin Davis


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The Coursebook personalizes learning by intelligently connecting lifelong-learners to high-quality educational resources based on their needs and aspirations.
founder: Alex Scialom

Cull TV

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Cull is new music television.
More info: GigaOM
founders: Katherine de Leon and John Hurliman

Dabo Health

Dabo Health is the revolutionary information platform created to help the US healthcare system navigate through the impending era of metric and outcome based reimbursement.
founder: Camilo Barcenas


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DataSift is the business intelligence and data mining platform for enterprises and consumers for the real time web.
More info: TechCrunch | TechCrunch
founder: Nick Halstead


DotCloud is a Y Combinator-funded company that hosts flexible and advanced application platforms.
founders: Solomon Hykes, Sebastien Pahl


EpicRebates is developing a social shopping website and mobile app that take the frustration and uncertainty out of buying and redeeming mail-in rebate offers.
founder: Jon Asher

Formative Labs

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Formative Labs is building engaging and social experiences that motivate consumers to improve energy consumption habits.
More info: TechCrunch
founder: Jessica Alter


Twitter AngelList is the future of personalized entertainment: With the tap of a button, you and your friends appear in our games!
founders: Tipatat Chennavasin, Richard Au, Scott Foe


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Groupiter is out of this world group collaboration for project teams, communities, and causes.
founder: Chris Dyball

Grow Mobile

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Grow Mobile is building a unified dashboard for mobile ad buying.
More info: The Next Web
founders: Brendan Lyall, A.J. Yeakel, Minglei Xu


Guidebox is your guide to full episodes available online.
founder: Jeremy Riney


A new online shopping recommendation engine. Founders previously founded companies acquired by Google and Playdom.
More info: TechCrunch
founders: Ryan Junee, Max Skibinsky


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iSpeech is a cloud-based text to speech and speech recognition provider and the maker of the popular mobile app
founders: Heath Ahrens, Yaron Oren


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JungleCents is an online discounts & deals startup backed by Mark Cuban.
More info: TechCrunch | TechCrunch
founders: Sameer Mehta, Haider Mirza, and Nadir Hyder


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Kaggle hosts predictive modeling competitions.
More info: TechCrunch
founder: Anthony Goldbloom


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Kitchit is a trusted marketplace of professional chefs.
More info: TechCrunch | AllThingsD
founders: Brendan Marshall, George Tang, Ian Ferguson


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LendFriend is an online platform for individuals to provide personal loans to those they know.
More info: TechCrunch
founders: Geno Moscetti, David Kuchar, & Monica Miller


Linearware provides a QR-code based mobile payment solution.
founders: Chris Kim & Jack Tihon


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Moped is a private messaging with a kick, centered on getting you together with friends in real life.
More info: TechCrunch


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MOVL is building a cross platform, multi-screen publishing platform for smart TVs.
More info: AllThingsD
founders: Juan Pablo Gnecco, Daniel Gnecco, Alan Queen


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OpenAppMkt is an app store for HTML5 mobile apps.
More info: GigaOm | Xconomy | TechCrunch
founder: Teck Chia

Or Be Square

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Or Be Square develops mobile and web applications that facilitate offline social interactions.
founders: Michael Bachand and Rahul Jaswa


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Peek provides a new way to discover and book travel experiences, to create memories that will last a lifetime.
More info: Business Insider | NY Times
founders: Ruzwana Bashir, Oskar Bruening

Pensive Labs

Pensive Labs is building an advice engine. We want to help people to get personalized, trusted advice from the experts around them.
founders: Jack Chou, Kingsley Ma


PrimaTable provides diners access to exclusive reservations at the best restaurants, while helping restaurants maximize revenue at peak times by creating and selling premium experiences.
founders: Jamie Davidson, Colin Zima


ProximityWare is a developer of proximity based applications and software, founded by the inventor of over 30 patents in broadband, wireless, and networking.
founder: Jaz Banga


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Questli is a clever treasure hunting game with a viral character that combines the virtual and the real world.
More info: TechCrunch
founders: Danil Kozyatnikov, Stefan Steiner


Rescale is a cloud simulation platform.
founders: Joris Poort and Adam McKenzie


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RethinkBooks is a technology company focused on books and publishing.
More info: TechCrunch | NY Times
founders: Jason Illian, Jason Johnson

Revel Systems

Revel Systems is a iPad-based Point of Sale system for quick service, table service restaurants and now Retail stores.
More info: ZDNet
founders: Lisa Falzone, Chris Ciabarra


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Rollbar collects and analyzes errors so you can find and fix them faster.
More info: TechCrunch
founders: Brian Rue, Cory Virok is building the world's largest social commerce site.
founders: Will Weisman, Keith Cox, Steve Zagerman


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Screenleap lets you share your screen in under 20 seconds.
More info: TechCrunch
founders: Tuyen Truong, Allison Huynh, Lawrence Gentilello


Showbucks is a Live Social Video Marketing Platform that helps business engage customers by combining social games with social video.
founder: Michael Yuen


Sipree delivers frictionless commercial payments as a service.
founder: Mark Sole

Skull Ninja Labs

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Skull Ninja Labs is building mobile apps and investigating new social shopping experiences.
founders: Amber Reyngoudt and Dave Peck

Skybox Networks

Skybox is a new kind of game network.
founders: Tony Parisi and Scott Foe


Skyvi is the fastest growing voice activated social media app on Android.
founders: Jeff Chen and James Zhang


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Socialcam is the easiest way to share videos with friends.
More info: TechCrunch | GigaOm
founders: Michael Seibel, Ammon Bartram, Guillaume Luccisano


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SocialPandas converts social traffic into social revenue. Marketers use our social CRM products to track ROI from "Like" to lead to close.
founders: Mark Trang, Gretchen DeKnikker, Jason Ouellette


Socialvilla is social co-creation: create, build, and share with the people in your life.
founder: Allison Huynh

Spitball Entertainment

Spitball Entertainment is a web and mobile content provider developing interactive, animated entertainment for kids.
founders: Mike Trigg, Jenny Hansen, Manny Marquez


Squrl allows users to collect videos and subscriptions to your favorite shows for enjoying later.
founders: Mark Gray, Michael Hoydich


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Streak lets you manage customers, sales, email support, bug tracking and hiring all inside of Gmail.
More info: TechCrunch
founders: Aleem Mawani and Omar Ismail


TheIceBreak challenges couples and singles to create rewarding relationships.
More info: TechCrunch
founders: Christina Brodbeck, Dwipal Desai


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Tout helps video enthusiasts more effectively inform, educate and entertain audiences online.
More info: TechCrunch
founder: Michael Downing


TribeMo is a unique new ecommerce service and marketplace.
founder: Patrick Breitenbach

Trinity Labs

An Innovation Lab designed to incubate solutions for the grand challenges of the world.
founders: Tammy Camp, Eyal Fishler


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urbantag enables users to easily save and share their favorite places.
founders: Andrew Hoag, Elisha Cook


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vidIQ helps brands get more views and subscribers on Youtube.
More info: TechCrunch
founders: Rob Sandie, Todd Troxell, James Cross, Justin Belcher


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Wanelo (from Want, Need, Love) is a social store curated by users.
founders: Deena Varshavskaya, Sarvjeet Ahuja, Kristina Varshavskaya