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“Situated at 665 3rd Street in South Park, the Founders Den boasts quite a desirable location, not too far away from Downtown San Fran and merely a stone’s throw away from the Marina. It is home to more than a dozen startup companies, such as AdBlock, Codepath, Stronghold and Docker. In order to get a place of your own at this high-end, exclusive co-working office, you need to be referenced by someone on the inside, because the access is invite-only. Once you’re in, you’ll get to take part in a wide range of growth seminars, insightful events and courses that can help you grow your business in a highly inspiring, yet invigoratingly competitive environment.”



“Founders Den: A Private Clubhouse For Entrepreneurs Opens In San Francisco — Founders Den isn’t actually an incubator at all. Instead, it’s a shared office/club for entrepreneurs – all types of entrepreneurs, from experienced ones who have sold companies, to those just starting out. The idea is for them to all come together in this new, large 8,500 square foot space in the SoMa area of San Francisco. We got a chance to tour the place last week – it’s very, very nice.”

“Founders Den classes up San Francisco’s co-working scene — Serial entrepreneur Jonathan Abrams is adding a little class to the co-working model with a new office called the Founders Den. Founders Den is aimed at a slightly more experienced, exclusive crowd. Abrams said that if most incubators and co-working offices are like college, the den is more like grad school. There’s a large clubhouse area for events or hosting guests. The furniture is a little nicer than what you’d find in most co-working spaces (I spent at least a minute talking about the softness of one of the pillows).”

“A new space for entrepreneurs – and founded by entrepreneurs – has opened its doors. Founders Den is a San Francisco co-working space and private club for entrepreneurs. The interesting part of the large space in the tech-heavy South of Market district of San Francisco is the high-ceiling “club” area. The two-level space includes couches and small tables for people to meet or have coffee or lunch, as well as a board room and conference rooms for meetings. There is also a poker table – a must for many start-up CEOs and investors. The space is designed as a private club, the likes of which do not really exist, Johnson said.”

“ProximityWare is one of the early tenants in the Founders Den, a shared office space for technology entrepreneurs as they’re getting their startup off the ground. The Founders Den founders are also hoping to build it into something more, a place where the seasoned technorati can get together in San Francisco – not just to work, but also to network and lounge. A club for the Silicon Valley crowd, if you will. “It’s so much more than a shared work space,” Banga said. “It’s such a great place to hang out with other entrepreneurs. You can’t help but be inspired.” Johnson likened it to the members-only clubhouses of yesteryear – minus the cigars, suit jackets and male exclusivity. Here the tenants can take a break, grab something to drink, and perhaps mingle with their fellow entrepreneurs or the Founders Den advisers.”

“Founders Den offers Friendster founder and other techies a place to work, hang out – Silicon Valley has incubators, accelerators and Y Combinator. Now it has a place that is being billed as a hangout for grown-up entrepreneurs. It’s a cross between reasonably priced shared office space and an exclusive private club where experienced entrepreneurs and investors can rub elbows and brainstorm new ideas. The catch: It’s by invitation only. “It’s the ultimate clubhouse for entrepreneurs in San Francisco,” Abrams said. Entrepreneurs can code all day and drink beer or play poker all night.”

“New Exclusive Clubhouse For Entrepreneurs — The Founders Den launch party Tuesday night in San Francisco turned out a couple hundred entrepreneurs, techies, and venture capitalists from around Silicon Valley. The Founders Den is a new, exclusive, invite-only shared office space and club geared towards serial entrepreneurs. If you don’t know someone who’s either a founder, a sponsor like DLA Piper or SecondMarket, or someone who’s on the Advisory Board like author and angel investor Tim Ferriss, you don’t have a chance. It’s by referral only. And so far, from what I hear, there’s a waiting list of entrepreneurs trying to get a spot in the South Of Market location, which has become the tech hub of San Francisco.”