FAQ for Startups

What is Founders Den?
Founders Den is a shared office space and private club for experienced tech entrepreneurs and their friends. We exist to create and develop relationships among Bay Area tech entrepreneurs and investors.

Private Club? How can I get in?
Find your strongest connection to Founders Den’s management team, and have that person e-intro you! You’ll be invited for a tour, asked about your startup and your space needs, and considered for invitation.

How are startups chosen for space at Founders Den?
The Founders Den management team considers the startup’s people and idea, and whether the Den can accommodate. Teams invited have founders that want to be an active part of the Founders Den entrepreneurial community.

What if I’m between startups?
Founders Den also provides a home base for experienced entrepreneurs planning their next project.

Is Founders Den only for experienced entrepreneurs?
Founders Den does focus on experienced entrepreneurs, but considers and invites startups and entrepreneurs at all stages of progress and experience, who are referred through the Founders Den community.

What does Founders Den provide?
Founders Den provides a full set of plug-and-play services for startups: 24/7 access, office furniture, high-speed Internet, conference rooms, meeting areas, printers, beverages, and more. Founders Den is a community and hangout for our entrepreneurs, partners, and advisors, offering opportunities for knowledge sharing and informal mentorship. Events held here are for our community of advisors, sponsor partners, and resident startups, and they appeal to the interests of tech entrepreneurs.

How much does it cost?
Rent at Founders Den is competitive with other San Francisco co-working spaces and varies according to the type of space rented: private offices, or desks and bullpens in our open-area workspace. Startups’ only cost is rent. There are no extra fees at Founders Den, e.g. for meeting rooms or printing.

How big are the startups at Founders Den?
Teams typically are 2-4 in number, but can be just 1 founder, or as big as 5-7. Teams of 6+ usually have grown to that size within their 6 months in the Den, and growing teams typically outgrow the Den within the 6 months.

Just 6 months?
Membership in our community of entrepreneurs lasts a lifetime, but the teams we invite into our shared office space are limited to one 6-month term. That provides plenty of opportunities to take advantage of the networking and resources available at Founders Den!

I’m sending my team to California. Can Founders Den accommodate?
Since the focus at Founders Den is bringing great entrepreneurs together, we are unable to accommodate satellite offices for remote founding teams.

Is Founders Den an incubator or accelerator?
Founders Den is not an incubator or accelerator, and does not compete with them. Founders Den is a shared office space for startups: a co-working space. Many Founders Den startups are recent for graduates of incubator or accelerator programs.

Does Founders Den provide funding?
No, Founders Den itself does not provide funding or take any equity in its invited startups. However, startups at Founders Den may receive or may have received seed funding from the sponsors, advisors, or managing partners of Founders Den.

Do I need to have funding in place?
Most teams invited to Founders Den are between seed and Series A via outside investors. Exceptions include a serial entrepreneur funding his/her next startup from a previous success.

Who does Founders Den compete with?
The management team of Founders Den are big fans of all the other co-working spaces in San Francisco, each of which serves a different niche in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The Den’s niche is its appeal to experienced entrepreneurs who want the feel of a home office, but the community of fellow entrepreneurs and network of tech professionals.

How is Founders Den different from other co-working spaces?
It’s Founders Den’s unique curation approach to creating our private club. We’re selective about our startup community, focusing on experienced tech entrepreneurs and graduates of accelerator programs that want to be “in it” together as they create their companies and products.

Why are the managing partners of Founders Den working on this project?
The managing partners of Founders Den wanted to create a unique shared office space that met some unfilled needs, including a focus on experienced entrepreneurs and a curated approach to tenant selection. Founders Den is a home base for the managing partners, their friends, and startups they are advising or have invested in. By creating a physical embodiment of an entrepreneurial community at the Founders Den, the managing partners seek to enjoy the knowledge sharing and camaraderie of a shared office space, bring further efficiency to their advisory work, angel investments, and their own business ventures, as well as enjoy opportunities to meet more great startups that they may work with as investors or advisors.